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From my heart...

Every morning; well, in the middle of the night, throughout the day, I am so blessed to be in contact with the LORD, the one true God Who created absolutely everything in the universe and beyond, even wee little me!

I was blessed to have a wonderful Mom who taught me and my brothers about God, Jesus Christ, sin, salvation, at a very young age.

I was always drawn to talk with Him and to read the Bible. From about eight years I was so intrigued that my Mom gave me a copy of the Living Bible, which is a paraphrase but perhaps better understood by an eight-year-old than the King James Version (however, I LOVE that KJV!).

I would get through Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Deuteronomy, and halfway between Numbers, yawn-yawn, would start right back at Genesis.

I remember thinking of Him all the time while romping through the woods observing nature, plants, critters.

Sixty-four years old now, He is absolutely the same God I knew then. Back in the woods. Back in the Bible. He is so dear. He is so worthy of our love, loyalty, and devotion.

And. He is our Savior.

Till next time, ever remain...

In His grip!

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